Sigbro Android app v0 - testers feedback

Hi ARDOR-23YP-M8H9-FA5W-5CX9B, and welcome to the forum.

I just tested every variation I could come up with (with/without encrypted/not encrypted msg) setting up a Send ARDR transaction. They all generated the QR code perfectly.

Can you give me a little more information?

Are you using or

In this great video demonstration you can see how a Korean user sets up an IGNIS transaction

It should work the same with ARDR - just click ARDR instead of IGNIS. :slight_smile:

FYI, some nice progress:


  • show status bar
  • change fonts to the Open Sans (from google)
  • update My Account screen (just some prettyfication)
  • update Main Screen (show relevant account name and accountRS)


  • fixed vertical position for the accountRS title (alignment between screens)
  • set accuracy to three decimal places on the wallet screen
  • update logo on the main screen (downsized Magic Button)

5f8350ef2bc9b48f90abf59e9b221a3f1197b11a5d4bff655c14e33fe82a1efa sigbro-0.6.1-signed.apk

Test. Can I leave my comment here?

You can. And I can test whether you get an email alert or not when I reply. @ARDOR-8G69-44WM-5LWM

BTW, lots of improvements and work going on, but we work on the app, the wallet, and plugins in Slack and Basecamp because there is not much feedback here.

Also, SIGBRO in GooglePlay Store is closer than ever. Yup, thereโ€™s even a Privacy Policy now. :stuck_out_tongue: TL;DR: We do not collect and store any personal data.


  • disable swipe on the login screen


  • fixed bug with new passphrase scan
  • fixed bug with no logout
  • added Privacy Policy
  • added version number to the main screen

Will be published on Google Play


  • Transaction status tracking page
  • Ledger Transaction Details page
  • Updated ionic up to 5.4.4