Sigbro Android app v0 - testers feedback

I have credited my account with 10 Ignis, 1000 FRAKT @ AEUR and 1000 FBC (asset). The Sibro app does not show the current status.

What I care about most is that the phone can be used to transfer money created in the monetary system.

Please check if the SIGBRO app is set to use testnet or mainnet.

This first released version is set to testnet as default, and the tokens you mention are in mainnet.

You can switch to mainnet by clicking the burger icon > cogwheel > Network Settings, in the app.
Let me know if that solves it. I have never myself had an account with MS coins on the AEUR chain. :slight_smile:

We have token transfers planned for v2 of the app, but I’d like to keep the app as simple as possible.
How would you feel about sending MS coins from a wallet like with SIGBRO compared to doing it directly from the SIGBRO app?

Now everything is ok.
I would use SIGBRO app

Wow, congrats to this great app!

Its so simple and minimalistic. The login feature works fast and without any problems. Its even better than the login app for my banking… :slight_smile:

I see the potential for the app but currently, I see only limited usage.

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you, and thanks for the feedback, really appreciated. @ ARDOR-GTJN-LRMT-5CJT-82M7Z

You are right, the use cases of SIGBRO are at the moment limited. - Even if the use cases of the Ardor NRS are almost UNlimited and it supports all of them. :slight_smile:

We have a new version already which supports scanning of printed payment QR codes (when the payment value is pre-defined), which we look forward to releasing. We are building a template for it, so users can set up their own QR codes with a GUI.

Did you try the SIGBRO faucet?

We added a new feature to SIGBRO.

SIGBRO version 0.5.2

cecc6f4ff4dfff52c910250c64b0cf88f7fa0708b0c14f6947f3978fe3aa57ea sigbro-0.5.2-signed.apk

apenzl [11:52 AM]
It’s not very interesting if you can only send IGNIS to Nxter’s account. So we made a QR code generator too, so everybody can create QR codes. You enter a receiver account, which token you want sent (any child chain token, or ARDR), amount, and optionally a message. But what should we call such a tool? Any ideas?

QR codes like this are open for anyone to sign - they’re not created for a specific account ID. They can be printed out and put on a cup of coffee, something you want to sell, or shared on social media. I have a few more use cases in mind, and maybe an idea competition in Nxter Mag… But what should it be called… SIGBRO QR Generator…? A bit boring.

SIGBRO testers:
We added a TESTNET to MAINNET switch in the

That’s the website where you can generate “Pay Now” QR codes for IGNIS, BITSWIFT, AEUR, or ARDR, so now you can create them for either the Ardor testnet or the Ardor mainnet. :sunglasses:

We still call it “templates” because we haven’t come up with a good name yet…
Do you have a better name for it?


I did 0.5.4 version.


  • catch error response from ardor network when scan QR-code
  • transaction checks (use block numbers instead timestamp)
  • add advanced information in transaction review

0.5.4 version fix three issue from our list :slightly_smiling_face:

SHA-256: df37345cbdbd3f4723b667d8530d57290675f707cb2fd7d5f890927a626026d1 sigbro-0.5.4-signed.apk

O’boy. I really need to name the newest feature, where you can generate QR codes like

If noone else jumps in with a better solution, I’ll have to name it SigPay QR’s or something stupid like that. I have no better proposals so far.

Anton [2 hours ago]

Anton [2 hours ago]
Or just SIGQR

New SIGBRO leasing template

You can lease your balance to NxterPool for 7 weeks by scanning this QR code with SIGBRO:

or you can generate a leasing QR code for your own forging account or pool by signing in to and selecting Operations > Generate Template > Lease Balance. Then choose the Ardor chain and for how many weeks you want the lease to be.

Print the QR code and scan it when you want to renew the lease. Or if you run a forging pool - spread it. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m trying to send some ARDR from the Sigbro Wallet but the QR code is not generating in the operations page. Status displays “Transaction is not signed yet”. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi ARDOR-23YP-M8H9-FA5W-5CX9B, and welcome to the forum.

I just tested every variation I could come up with (with/without encrypted/not encrypted msg) setting up a Send ARDR transaction. They all generated the QR code perfectly.

Can you give me a little more information?

Are you using or

In this great video demonstration you can see how a Korean user sets up an IGNIS transaction

It should work the same with ARDR - just click ARDR instead of IGNIS. :slight_smile:

FYI, some nice progress:


  • show status bar
  • change fonts to the Open Sans (from google)
  • update My Account screen (just some prettyfication)
  • update Main Screen (show relevant account name and accountRS)


  • fixed vertical position for the accountRS title (alignment between screens)
  • set accuracy to three decimal places on the wallet screen
  • update logo on the main screen (downsized Magic Button)

5f8350ef2bc9b48f90abf59e9b221a3f1197b11a5d4bff655c14e33fe82a1efa sigbro-0.6.1-signed.apk

Test. Can I leave my comment here?

You can. And I can test whether you get an email alert or not when I reply. @ARDOR-8G69-44WM-5LWM

BTW, lots of improvements and work going on, but we work on the app, the wallet, and plugins in Slack and Basecamp because there is not much feedback here.

Also, SIGBRO in GooglePlay Store is closer than ever. Yup, there’s even a Privacy Policy now. :stuck_out_tongue: TL;DR: We do not collect and store any personal data.


  • disable swipe on the login screen


  • fixed bug with new passphrase scan
  • fixed bug with no logout
  • added Privacy Policy
  • added version number to the main screen

Will be published on Google Play


  • Transaction status tracking page
  • Ledger Transaction Details page
  • Updated ionic up to 5.4.4