Restarting thoughts and declared mission

Working late again, too late. Time to get some sleep. bb.

I find myself preparing a campaign. I have realised I have a LOT to present now, some of it is ready, some of it is not and needs more working on it. I want to share it all though and get some input and feedback from our community. I didn’t really join a community to sit and do things alone. Our Nxter core team has discussed, worked, and now I look forward to inviting more.

There’s so much I want to say and show those who aren’t familiar with Ignis, Ardor, and our projects. AEUR, ardorlite,,, the API, Lightweight Contracts, the childchains, and not least everything Elizabeth is working on. Instead of dripping small updates and announcements into the deep red sea of crypto occasionally, like all of us tend to do, I think we should coordinate a bigger splash. Maybe start it on May 1st.

So I am preparing posts for a 1 month long campaign, with small tasks and competitions that everyone can attend, try to win or solve to have fun. When the structure is ready, I will reach out both here and in DM’s to get feedback and see who is interested.

Like I said, I think we need to coordinate our efforts, collaboration pays.

I will invite others already this week, as an insisting positive reminder to silent community members, to active Nxters, to whales, and to Jelurida. I hope we can collaborate on this “SPLASH”, it’s almost a project in itself, a curated bird eye view on our projects, an onboarding experience for others. My hope is that it can help tie us together, not through the company Jelurida, but through our own visions and knowledge of the public blockchains, our own projects, and that it might give us new energy, hopefully also new community members and more devs.


Two months later.

Migrating newly structured nxter site from the testserver to production server.

Today: Soft launch of the new design.

Upcoming: Lots. :slight_smile:

The reason for all this (different) work during the last months is that I realized:

  1. The website was a mess.

After 5 years, the Wordpress site I started (without knowing much about being a “webmaster” or building a site) had become clumsy. I started it to make access to Nxt content easy. has followed the development of Nxt, 3rd party devs, community fork, Ignis, Ardor, yeah everything, in 10 languages at a time, been redesigned 3 times, and all this great content was impossible to find.

  1. Nxter’s branding was misleading. The NXT logo (and Ardor’s) had become brands that belonged to a company, Jelurida BW. And Nxter referred to NXT. needed a rebrand. I had to take a stand on what was supposed to be/become. And to do that, take a look at Jelurida as well. We all need to do that. The core devs’ for-profit company, and the public blockchain, yeah, the community project, the supporters and the investors. HOW is this going to end?

  1. No impressive success rate of bringing new users, new active followers, or new (public blockchain) developers.

Writing a newsletter for the community in different languages did not draw headlines or great adoption of Nxt, Ignis, AEUR. We are under the radar. We are not popular. We are not even wanted. The entrance barrier and steep learning curve stops newcomers from becoming fans. Technical explanations kill ‘em all. But it is changing. Jelurida is doing a good job, and I’d like to introduce a new tool for users and developers, it is called SIGBRO.

  1. No revenue. No profit. No pay. is a community project. In late 2017, Jelurida agreed to support the maintenance and development of Nxter partly, during the year of 2018. Part of the agreement was to make Nxter self sustainable, but at the end of 2018, Nxter still had no income. I felt I had failed.

Really, I think I had just been too busy with things I wasn’t good at. I have a proposal. It involves me, you, a business plan, and the development of Nxter as an organisation for all active Nxters.

  1. No real fun. Yeah. We should enjoy what we do.

Now I am about ready to get the site up to date again and keep working on it. I it will attract good company.